Monday, September 12, 2011

Hollywood Hike

I promise I'm actually alive and well. I've just been super busy with homework, reading, and quizzes. As of right now, I'm avoiding memorizing the names of historians who study Homer. Fun, fun!
I don't like work. Or the fact that this is an old picture.

There have also been a few football games tossed in there,

a couple nights out with friends,
and most importantly, finally getting a visit to see Scott!

Now, I'm newly motivated to start up my blogging again (I forgot that people don't like hearing me talk about how my workouts or how I'm trying to be healthier that much, and I've missed writing about it). I will spare you my two weeks worth of workouts, but I am planning on making a workouts tab to better record it.

Today, I had a really fun hike to the Hollywood sign. I've hiked to the sign a few year ago with my family, but have not had a chance to do it again since. Sadly, I think we took a few wrong turns that didn't take us right above it, but we did have a great view of the sign and of downtown.

It was really great weather and a lot fun to get outside. It's funny how different hiking is in a city than it is in the mountains, but I really appreciated the change of scenery. I've left campus once since I've been here! Plus I think a morning hike was the reason I was so productive up until now today. I kicked some serious homework and cleaning butt afterwards.

Sadly, I have an 8:30 class tomorrow (how is 1:00 am already?!) so I'm off to bed. I'm so happy to be back!


  1. Dang, staying up 'til 1 when having class at 8:30?! I did that freshman year..but not I'm in bed by 10 with an 8AM class- haha! Wow, I feel old.

    I didn't know you actually go up to the Hollywood sign. That'd be really cool to hike to! Sounds like fun. :)

  2. Your crazy for being up at 1 and having to go to class at 8:30! PHEW! Good luck girl! I'm a total granny and need to be in bed by 9:30 every night :P

    YAY for workouts tab. Can't wait to see it1 :D