Bucket List

Study Abroad in Europe
Visit all 7 continents
Have a crazy spring break
Visit all 50 States and have an interesting experience in each one
Go to a Turkish bath in Turkey
Experience Carnival in Brazil
New Year's on Brazil's beaches
Honeymoon in Greece
Feel like Indiana Jones in Petra, Jordan
Visit family in New Zealand 
Take a cruise to Antarctica 
Speak Russian in Russia
See a ballet in St. Petersburg
Ride the Trans-Sibereian express
Play/ride elephants in Thailand
See the Angkor Wat in Cambodia
Go on a safari in Africa and see a cheetah
Float in the Dead Sea
See the Pyramids
Ride a camel in the desert
Drink tea in Morocco
Partake in an Amsterdam cafe
Tapas in Spain
Hike in Slovenia
Have high tea in London
Go to Harry Potter studios
Hike Machu Pichu
Adventure in Costa Rica
See the Panama Canal 
Visit Easter Island
See boobies in the Galapagos
Watch the Northern lights
Swim with jellyfish in Palau 
Visit the Taj Mahal
US Travel
Take a road trip around the US
Go to the Kentucky Derby
See the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico 
Go clubbing in Miami
Visit Denver with Scott
Eat huckleberries in Montana 
Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
Wine tasting in Sonoma or Napa Valley, CA
Eat lobsters in Maine 

Reach my ideal weight 
Own my own SUP board and make it a hobby
Make rock climbing a hobby
Climb Mt. Whitney
Play a real game of beach volleyball in Manhattan beach
See the US Open for tennis
Master 5 healthy and delicious recipes
Learn yoga
Teach a fitness class

Bungee jump
Sky dive
Go to Burning Man
Dance at Coachella
Scuba dive
Ride in a hot air balloon
Throw a dart on the map and go there
Volunteer abroad
Fly a plane
Go to a nude beach
Ride an ostrich
Shoot a gun and hit a clay "bird"
Slice the top off of a champagne bottle
Go to Comic Con
Pet/Cuddle a large cat
Sand Surf

Get married
Adopt a dog
Have one solo travel trip
Be financially independent
Learn a second language
Be able to have a conversation in Russian
Write a short story
Stay in a 5 star hotel
Travel with Jessica
Go on a trip with Johnny
Go on a trip with James
Find a cause to volunteer for and be passionate about
Throw my parent's a surprise party
Have a professional photo shoot
Watch every movie in the Oscars

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