Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Outfit and Week Workout

Hey everyone!
Whee! Workout for the week!
Monday- HIIT on the treadmill. 8 seconds sprinting 12 seconds recovering for 15 minutes. With an additional walking warm up/cool down for 3 minutes before and after. This ended up feeling more like a workout for my fingers (constantly pushing the faster/slower buttons was exhausting) than for my legs.
Tuesday- HIIT on the treadmill. 90 seconds sprinting and 3 minutes recovering. Repeat 6 times.
Wednesday- 2.5 miles around the school with my friend (we ended up walking a little bit).
Thursday- HIIT on the elliptical. 8 seconds sprinting and 12 seconds recovering. Elliptical is so much better for this workout.
Friday- Took the day off. How is it that the day I'm most free is the one that I don't squeeze in a workout?

I've been trying to incorporate more high intensity interval training in my workouts, but I don't think I've been pushing myself as hard as I could in them. I usually realize by the end that I've been restraining myself, and that I have a lot of energy left at each workout.  I'm going to have to work on going more full out this weekend/next weekend. Either way, 4 workouts in a row isn't too bad, and I'm happy I was able to fit them in with a busy week (of course on Friday when I had nothing going on except for 4 hours at my internship, finding time to work out was impossible).

PS. Since I spoke about wanting to document memories on my blog in my last post, I thought just for funsies, I'd post my latest favorite outfit. PPS for the few people who do read this don't judge me: I promise my pictures will evolve the second my camera works again :). Sadly, until I get my new camera charger from Amazon, you'll have to deal with my photobooth pictures.
It's crazy how even after a hard workout, nothing makes you feel cuter than wearing that outfit you've been planning for the last week.
Open back
high waisted deep green skirt

My great grandma's necklace
After a crazy couple days, I plan on sleeping in tomorrow, and getting some work done before I go visit Scott. After finally making a to do list for this weekend, I realized I've been in denial that this school year is almost over and my work is building up.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Shocking turn of events: A new post!

After months of not posting, I've finally decided to go for it again. After months of posting almost everyday and then loosing my camera charger, I had realized I just wasn't interested in writing blog posts anymore. Classes, internships, clubs, and social events were (and still are) keeping my life much busier than it was in summer. Not to mention taking pictures of your food can get embarrassing when you're suddenly sharing meals with 60 other girls who live in your house.

However, I recently spent a lot of time procrastinating reading over my blog, and I fell back in love. I had no idea how much fun it would be to have so many memories documented to relive over again, when I may have previously forgotten about their significance. I love seeing how great of a summer I had, and being able to have a fun creative outlet that is just for me.

This blog also played a huge role in keeping me accountable with getting/staying in shape. I've written before about how everything about fitness fascinates me: blogs, workouts, races, clothes, other people's regimens. And although I do like working out, I'm typically very unmotivated. This blog gave me a jumpstart to working out regularly that held it's momentum until actually around the past month (I haven't stopped, but I haven't been working out as regularly or pushing myself).

Hopefully,  I can get back started and use this blog as a tool to document great memories and motivate myself a little more. So, in that spirit, here's a few memories from the past few weeks:

Spring break in Palm Springs with friends:

Waterfall at the end of the hike

Out to dinner

Literally spent everyday by the pool
And this weekend was filled with a date at the Huntington Library with Scott:

So here's my not-so-eloquent dive back into blogging. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent (and have more thought put into them but my brain is fried from political philosophy and Russian) because I've missed Watermelon Smiles!