Monday, March 26, 2012

Shocking turn of events: A new post!

After months of not posting, I've finally decided to go for it again. After months of posting almost everyday and then loosing my camera charger, I had realized I just wasn't interested in writing blog posts anymore. Classes, internships, clubs, and social events were (and still are) keeping my life much busier than it was in summer. Not to mention taking pictures of your food can get embarrassing when you're suddenly sharing meals with 60 other girls who live in your house.

However, I recently spent a lot of time procrastinating reading over my blog, and I fell back in love. I had no idea how much fun it would be to have so many memories documented to relive over again, when I may have previously forgotten about their significance. I love seeing how great of a summer I had, and being able to have a fun creative outlet that is just for me.

This blog also played a huge role in keeping me accountable with getting/staying in shape. I've written before about how everything about fitness fascinates me: blogs, workouts, races, clothes, other people's regimens. And although I do like working out, I'm typically very unmotivated. This blog gave me a jumpstart to working out regularly that held it's momentum until actually around the past month (I haven't stopped, but I haven't been working out as regularly or pushing myself).

Hopefully,  I can get back started and use this blog as a tool to document great memories and motivate myself a little more. So, in that spirit, here's a few memories from the past few weeks:

Spring break in Palm Springs with friends:

Waterfall at the end of the hike

Out to dinner

Literally spent everyday by the pool
And this weekend was filled with a date at the Huntington Library with Scott:

So here's my not-so-eloquent dive back into blogging. Hopefully my posts will become more frequent (and have more thought put into them but my brain is fried from political philosophy and Russian) because I've missed Watermelon Smiles!


  1. Welcome Back! I just recently hopped back on my blog again too! I completely agree with you about how blogging is great for memories! If I didn't blog, I probably wouldn't remember half of what I blog about! Can't wait to read more!

  2. im glad you decided to keep blogging :)
    for me, blogging has become such a huge part of my life, im constantly thinking about it and pretty much obsessing over it ahaha
    everything i see and that happens in my real life, my first thought is: OMG i should blog about that

    i totally understand how hard it can be to keep up a blog during school though. i was really close to ending my blog a couple weeks ago. like u, i also have a super hectic schedule, i can't wait for summer!

    ps: it's embarassing to take photos of your food the first couple of times, but it gets easier. im speaking from experience :P