Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Plans

I've officially had two weeks of summer, but I'm finally starting/trying to figure out my plans for this summer.

I'm actually working as a Marketing Intern for a small company this summer. I usually get assigned to complete tasks from home, but today I got to go to a marketing conference in Santa Monica. So instead of working in lazy clothes, I actually got to dress up in business casual. And if I haven't said it before, I weirdly love business casual.

The conference was actually in the Museum of Flying which turned out to be a really cool set up.

I even got a sunflower from one of the marketing groups advertising campaigns which was very happy.

Almost as happy as having my camera working and being able to take pictures of my outfit and sunflower. Now without school to worry about and my newly working camera, I'm really excited to be able to start blogging again. But for now (this summer start up post is all over the place), I'll just jump right in to some of my summer goals since this blog is supposed to be a source of motivation for me. 

Work Goals: 
- Create a clear and efficient schedule for my internship so that I can focus when I work from home
- Possibly try to get a small job on the side to keep me busy and make a little extra money to save up for studying abroad

Workout Goals:
- I want to start training for a 10k! I haven't actually picked out a race, but I'm on the look out for one. 

Other Goals:
- Apply to study abroad for spring semester
- Keep up with Russian by practicing writing it at least twice a week
- Learn how to cook better (especially try new healthy recipes)

One of my goals is also to start working out in the mornings and stop going to bed so late (this post proves how I need to improve). Writing a post this late leads to a bit of randomness, but I have all summer to work on that! :) Hopefully this summer will be as great as last year's!

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