Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dates in Redlands

I have been to Redlands more times than I can count in the past few years, but I've never actually ventured to far off from the college campus. Just an hour away, the trips there were not based on the location, but revolved around seeing Scott and hanging out with him. The Redlands campus is beautiful, so I had never really thought to explore the surrounding neighborhood.

But a few weeks ago, Scott decided we would have a day full of dates/activities around the area, and it was so much fun. From hiking to waterfalls to more sushi than we could eat, we spent the entire day driving around Redlands exploring the area. Sadly, I lost my iPhone the Tuesday after the weekend so my many pictures of beer, sushi, and ice cream were lost. This post is long overdue, but pictures or not, the date day in Redlands deserves a blog post on it's own if for no reason other than to brag about how awesome my boyfriend is :)

Our day started with the drive to the San Bernardino National Park. 20 minutes away and you're surrounded by much chillier weather and cute little wood cabins. For $5 daily parking, we started our hike to Forest Falls. While it was short hike overall at just around 3 miles, we added our own little excitement by challenging ourselves to take the hardest route to the waterfall. Our little rock climbing shortcuts were briefly interrupted by stopping to take pictures of the beautiful surroundings. It was so much fun making it to the park, and I didn't realize that a quick trip to the Mountains was just about 20 minutes away from Redlands. Scott and I are already talking about going back for a longer hike next time.

After we finished the hike, we made a quick stop back at campus to meet Zeus--aka the cutest German Shepard puppy in the world--and to change out of our gym clothes.

Our next stop was to Hangar 24. The business is actually owned by a friend from elementary school, and it's a really laid back brewery across from a private plane hangar. The whole place overlooks the small planes and the mountains, and it would be a fun place to go back and order a tester tray. For now, I just ordered their orange beer and really enjoyed it (although, I'm pretty sure it was the girliest option I could have picked haha).

For dinner, we went to a cheap sushi restaurant that I've been to once before. It has an awesome half off menu, and we decided to be more adventurous since everything was cheap and delicious. We got a little overzealous on ordering and after a side eye from the waitress we mildly toned down our order to California rolls, cucumber rolls, spicy tuna rolls, tiger rolls, scallop and shrimp rolls, and even octopus (which was surprisingly good). They also have an all you can eat option which may be the smarter option for our next date ;)

The date ended in downtown Redlands at the ice cream shop A La Minute. It's a super cute shop which makes the ice cream using dry ice and liquid nitrogen, and the end result is super creamy and delicious. I got salted carmel which was delicious and stole bites of Scott's mint and chip. The rest of the weekend was spent doing our usual hang out on campus and get breakfast burritos routine, but I was so happy that Scott had planned a whole day of dates for us. Any day filled with hiking, food, and visiting puppies is pretty much a perfect day in my book. 


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