Friday, October 24, 2014

A Summer in San Francisco

My summer in San Francisco has been full of great memories. I've had spontaneous Beyonce fueled nights out, music festivals with my boyfriend, work adventures and trainings, trips to wine country, Giants games, and more than a few delicious restaurants.

These past few weeks have also been filled with a traumatic family emergency at the beginning of September, and the only thing on my mind for the past five weeks has revolved around that. Although things are on the way up, I know that I will remember the more traumatic memories of my first summer in San Francisco before some of the great experiences I had. The best part of this blog is being able to look back and remember all the fun things I did or trips I've taken, so I'm going to back track a little and write about the amazing things I've done since I moved up to San Francisco.

5 Highlights of Summer 2014:

1. Spontaneous Beyonce Concert - Nothing feels more young and spontaneous than deciding to buy tickets to see Beyonce and Jay the morning of the concert. From our nosebleeds seats, we spent the whole concert dancing and fan girling out over Bey. Seeing Beyonce (and Jay Z for a second time) perform was the best last minute plans to ever happen on a Wednesday.

2. Outsidelands - A SF experience and summer festival done right. Also a belated anniversary celebration for Scott and I and worthy of a much longer post to unload a million pictures. But highlights were Arctic Monkeys, Flume, The Killers, and delicious Gilroy garlic Mac n cheese.

3. Ad Ops Work Trip to San Diego - After my hometown and Los Angeles, San Diego is one of the cities I've visited most (and I was just there for Comic Con!), but I have never experienced San Diego like I did for a work training. Spending a few days at the island resort Paradise Point with unusually warm and humid weather felt like taking a tropical vacation - except with a bunch of hilarious coworkers and an amazing company. Plus, beach volleyball was an activity, which always leaves me happy.

4. Exploring Golden Gate Park - I only live a few blocks away, but it took me a few weeks to get off the main roads during a sunny (unusual) after work run. All of a sudden I found myself on forest paths, running by lakes, and checking out views of the Golden Gate Bridge. So, of course I had to go back a few times with my new wolf friend.

5. Belated Birthday trip to with Scott - Also deserving of another post. Scott whisked me away on a romantic trip to Napa and Petaluma for the weekend where we wine tasted $80 bottles and felt particularly classy.

I'm excited to bring blogging back as I'm officially into my post grad life. There's a lot of good things happening, and even more things to be grateful about.

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