Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prague Finals Week

It's finally getting to that time--people are starting to talk about packing up, finals are coming to an end, and people are panicing about how they didn't do everything they planned to in Prague (mainly me). I haven't been the best about blogging consistently through out the semester, so I'm excited to use the week I get home before my internship to finish up all the blog posts I've been meaning to write. It may kinda ruin the point of keeping my parents updated, but there's so many things that I want to write down and remember.

Just a quick recap of some past blog posts:

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Weekend Trips:
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I leave Prague next Friday, but I travel to Croatia from Saturday to Wednesday. While this is most people's last week, I'm not exactly ready to write my "last week" post quite yet. I have to say a few important goodbyes on Friday, but I don't think it will feel like I'm really leaving until I come back to an empty apartment next Wednesday and start packing all my things. For now, I'm going to keep going in blissful ignorance about how little time I have left in Europe.

Instead I'll talk about Prague Spring--I have never been happier to see sunshine, green trees, and warm temperatures (high 60's makes me sweat now, but we've even had days in the 70s). Prague is beautiful in the winter, but Prague in the spring is unreal. People are happier, the city has green parks and trees everywhere, and there's nothing like the absence of a winter coat and winter coat envy (where you stare at everyone hanging out in the puffy jackets with hatred and jealousness). Life is just better. Just to be clear, my charm with Prague winter and snow lasted much longer than most people, but by April it was time for a new season. Here's a quick recap of some of my favorite memories from my favorite season in Prague.

My new favorite Prague memory and warm weather activity is paddle boating on the Vltava River. You can rent the boats for a cheap price (around 70 crowns) and it's beautiful views of Prague. Plus the open container law doesn't exist on the river either, so going after class with a bottle of wine was the perfect afternoon.

The night before May is a celebration in the Czech Republic is called Burning of the Witches. All across the CR people light bonfires to get rid of the witches and begin spring. In Prague, there is a big bonfire in Kampa park with live music and drink and food vendors. I had a 4:30 am wake up call to get to the airport the next morning, so my roommate and I only went for half an hour to check it out. It was very Czech and upbeat, and some people were really into the whole dressing up as witches and dancing around the fire part.

The beer gardens have been the perfect spring addition. They're in beautiful gardens and parks, and always have a good food (the one near my school has the best grilled vegetables). The best trip was when the table next to us brought their puppy and it came over to visit a few times.

For my friend's 22nd birthday, we went to the Jazz Dock to hear a concert. It was my first time there, and it was a really interesting laid back night.

Finally, the last big event was the Imagine Dragons concert at Sasazu. I first bought the ticket in early January, and it was crazy to me that the concert was finally there. I've been listening to them all semester, and had a ton of fun at the concert. Plus, it helped me check off a club that has been on my to do list!

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