Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter recap!

After a great Easter weekend, it feels kinda like a bummer to be back at school. But nothing makes a dreary  day better than remembering how great the weekend was, so here's a recap.
I was home for the weekend so I was really excited to be back in my room with my younger siblings, parents, and dog. To be a honest, our house can be a bit of a mess at times, but since we were hosting Easter brunch, my mom had made everything look absolutely beautiful.
One word: TULIPS <3

Although the table looks amazing, I ate outside at the kids table--I guess I have not finished growing up yet!

Although you can't see it, there's some Easter eggs hidden!
My parents fixed up the backyard when I was at school, and I  was very surprised to see how nice the backyard looked. It's strange seeing things looking different than you remember, but it looks incredible and like it was taken from a magazine. I'm not one to typically approve even the slightest change, so my approval is true sign of how great it looks. When I was an elementary school, I organized a "strike" with signs for me and my brother and sister against my mom when she even mentioned about changing our backyard (the above picture used to be all grass, so our 2 minute demonstration did not make that big of an impact on the decision haha).

Another reason I was excited for Easter was home-cooked, non-dorm food meals! Just so you know, USC has one of the worst cafeteria food ever. Luckily, everything else about it is great, but I was very excited for my Easter feast brunch. After snacking on chips and onion dip and veggies with ranch, my meal consisted of fruit salad, Ceasar salad, ham, baked beans, mini cinnamon rolls, and a bit of an apple fritter. The punch was also homemade by mom. YUM.
The first round...Much more was consumed after this.

The rest of the time was spent with family and friends. Oh, and a significant amount of time was spent playing with this little guy. He's adorable! And don't worry, I'm completely aware that I look insane, butttt there's a huge smile on his face (and mine too even though it's not as cute!).
Fun fact: all my favorite pictures are the ones that people think are the weirdest. They make me laugh!

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