Friday, April 22, 2011

A Weekend Recap and Watermelons

Good morning everyone! (Since it is 2:13 am it's technically morning. The joys of being a college student and procrastinating on sleep.)
Since I'm brand new to blogging, I'm going to throw out a few random things about how my second to last week of classes as a freshmen are going. 
This weekend LA experienced the wonderful SoCal days everyone dreams about. It was beautiful, sunny and 90 degrees (probably more around 83... I don't have too much trust in car thermostats). So of course a couple friends and I headed straight for the beach.
The sand was burning, the water was freezing, and the beach was amazing. I'm proud to say that I completely braved the cold water by going for swims and playing in the waves throughout the day. And all it took was being a tad melodramatic (yes, I did utter an I hate myself before diving under the first was freezing!). 

Isn't it adorable? So beachy
The famous watermelon juice
After a few hours at the beach, my friends and I were all starving so we went to this amazing little Cuban restaurant called Cha Cha Chicken. If you're ever at Santa Monica beach it's somewhere you should absolutely ago. It was relatively cheap (around $15 for a meal and drink), colorful, and delicious. While the coconut fried chicken I got was mouth-watering, what really stuck out was the juice. I ordered watermelon juice, and that's just what it was--pure watermelon juice. Not concentrated flavors or added sugar, just sweet watermelon juice. It was a lot like water, but with a taste and sweetness that could not have been more refreshing for such a hot day. I'm definitely going to try to recreate this on my own sometime!
My next post will include an embarrassing (and frustrating) story so stay tuned. And ending on an even happier note, after a Micheal's trip with my sorority big sis, I couldn't help but buy these watermelon well as a million other things. Night!
PS my roomie's side is a tad messy haha but that's what happens near finals

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