Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing is Better than a Sunny LA Day

Today was a beautiful 80 degree day that completely turned my week around. There's nothing more cheery than walking around campus in sunny, warm weather.
OK, So this wasn't from today but it was just as beautiful out
After taking a break from working out the past few days, I was excited to get back into it. My friend Ai and I met at 12:30 to go for a run around the school. The run is a 2 mile loop, and since I'm not yet skilled in running long distance it's the perfect challenge. Since it was so hot outside, I could feel myself getting sunburned, but I still enjoyed being able to run with a friend at this time. Usually I have classes throughout the day, but since it's my last weeks of classes a canceled lab gave me a two hour window to enjoy the weather.

I followed up the run with 3 sets of 30 sit ups and then some pushups. After this workout and lunch, I went to my dance class where we watched people preform. 

I've been meaning for a very long time to start weight training/strength training, but it has always intimidated me. USC has a great gym, but it's on the other side of campus so I usually stick to the mini gym in the basement of an adjacent dorm. Although it's an easy walk, this means I am limited to 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, and a stationary bike. Luckily, I had a sorority sister in my dance class take me to the Lyon Center to give me a run through of some great strength workouts and tips on how to use the machines. If everything goes as planned tomorrow, you should be hearing about how it goes soon!
I'm afraid I dropped the ball on pictures this post, but it does give me the excuse to show off the pretty campus!
The day had an amazing end when my sorority sister (same one who helped me at the gym!) got pinned. For those of you who don't know, it's a cheesy, but adorable and impossible not to love ceremony between a senior girl and her long term boyfriend. We went out later to celebrate!

Now time to go to sleep, and get back to reality. Tomorrow is (almost) the last day of classes!

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