Monday, June 24, 2013

Frolicking in Prague

Living in Prague for a semester means it would be impossible to blog about every little thing I did. I don't have pictures to show the little bakery underneath our apartment that I did my best to not eat at everyday, the view on my walk to school, the random restaurants I ate at and loved, or every fun activity I did. But I want to remember as much as I can, so I thought I would do a quick collection of some fun things I did throughout the semester that haven't fit into any other blog post (PS if you want to see all my Praha activities check out some of my past posts):
  • Swan lake at the National Theatre. While I also went to the opera Madam Butterfly, I quickly realized I am not a fan of opera at all, but did love the ballet. You win some, you lose some in the game of having high culture. The Nardoni Divadlo (National Theatre) is one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague, and a source of pride for Czechs. While the outside is under reconstruction, the interior was stunning. You walked through the amazing theatre and sit in your red velvet and gold seat and wish you were in a floor length gown. It was one of my favorite memories in Prague

  • On one of the first sunny days in Prague, my friend Morgan and I started to work on our Prague bucket list by going up to the Petrin look out tower. On a side note, I created a pretty expansive bucket list in April, and while I didn't get everything done (I had to remind myself that wasn't physically possible), I was happy with how much I checked off that list. Beer garden, paddle boating, Prague Zoo, Futbol game, Gardens, etc. The Petrin tower is supposed to be technically as tall as the Eiffel tower, but the Czechs cheated by putting it on top of a huge hill. It has some great views of Prague, and we made sure to bring our cameras.

  • Speaking of Petrin hill, I made it up there again to visit the mirror maze with my roommate Kerri and friend Diana. I had read about it in one of my travel books and put it on my to do list. It was really small and cheap, but ended up being a ton of fun.
  • Memorial for the Victims of Communism.

  • I already mentioned the Easter fair in my post about visitors in Prague, but it was the common hangout place for the three weeks it was here. My roommate and I tried tons of food (chocolate covered fruit, kolbasas, chicken and veggie kebabs, crepes, tredlniks, and beer), and shopped. I bought a sterling silver ring for 300 krowns, and still have not gone one day without wearing it.

  • And I wish I could sum up all my going out experiences, and put it on paper blogger. But I'll always remember staying out to 5am at Karlovy Lazne, Retro Wednesdays, Radost Thursdays, underground bars, the random art gallery bar 5 stories up with a paper sign, beer, becherovka, and vodka with limes.

Plus much, much more.

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