Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Меня зовут Юля (My name is Julia)

Hi everyone! In case you didn't know, finals officially start tomorrow, and to put it mildly I am stressed. I have my Russian final tomorrow, Law final on Thursday, Geology final on Friday, and a Poetry take home final due Saturday. Oh, and Monday I have my dance class final, but that doesn't actually count  ;)

Whenever I tell people that I am taking Russian, I always get asked why since it is a fairly unusual language to take (there's only 7 people in my class). And to be honest, I have no real answer. I am not Russian (even though sometimes I wish I was just for fun haha), and my interest in Russia was a pretty random discovery. I finally decided to go for it in college after years of Spanish in high school because I took a Russian literature class that I loved and a Russian food seminar where I became very close to the professor. Even though I am complaining on the video*, I really do love the class and my professor. It was such a good decision, and that class is a ton of fun. Finals are not.
My Mom is convinced that I took Russian because I dressed up as a Russian Mail Order Bride for Halloween in high school. False! But the costume was awesome

*For those wondering, I am saying "Hello (informal), my name is Julia and I don't like Russian right now. I don't know anything. Mah (haha a noise I make a tad to often). Goodbye!" I'm only in my first semester of Russian with no previous background so no judging too harshly on my speaking skills!

So sorry in advance if this post isn't too long. I've been pretty lazy about working out because this is the final stretch for my grades, but I did simply walk on the treadmill at an incline of 15 and slow speed of 3-3.5 for 30 minutes...while reviewed ending adjectives for Russian of course. Woo! Multi-tasking.

The bummer about studying this week (besides the obvious) is that it is 90 degrees today and I'm stuck inside. Oh well, at least summer is only a week away!

I want summer!
Fun recap about this past weekend, I had a sorority invite on Friday. The theme was luau and my boyfriend Scott and I had a really great time. We took a very veryyy cheap party bus to In'n'Out-yum-and then went to get on the buses to take us to the location that ended up being in Hermosa, only 20 minutes away from where I live.

Alright now it's back to reality and studying. Oh, and maybe catching up on a Desperate Housewives episode too. You know procrastinating rewarding hard work. Dasvadanya!

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