Monday, August 1, 2011

6 Man and Birthday Cakes

On my actual birthday, I celebrated by going to 6 Man--a big beach volleyball tournament event that rivals the crowds from 4th of July. Scott came up for the weekend, and we met up with a bunch of my high school friends to head over together and celebrate.
Seriously this is only a fraction of the people there.

I was given birthday gear by my girlies:)
Hehe I'm loving my new shorts

That night Scott and I went to Sammy's Woodfired Pizza for dinner. We shared an appetizer of cheesy bread and I had a few slices of BBQ pizza. Oh, and a messy sundae the size of my face that Scott and I shared.
The next day, Scott and I had a beach day before heading to my grandparents house for dinner. We all went for a quick swim before digging into the food. My grandmother Wendy is the most amazing cook, and everything she served was absolutely delicious. After snacking on unpictured appetizers (shrimp! my favorite), we had my grandfather's grilled steak, Caesar salad, garlic bread, and potatoes.
Since my grandparents were out of town on my sister's birthday, we were celebrating both of ours...which meant double the dessert.
Enter her chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake...

And my carrot cupcakes!
I was clearly too excited to slow down and take a good picture
There was also lots of fruit thrown in for good measure: lots of watermelon, pineapples, and strawberries.

I'll spare you pictures of what I ate today because 99% of it was leftovers. Eek I actually had a cupcake for breakfast. Whoops.

I finally attempted a run today. After the mud run, I used my lack of a goal to try new workout classes and slack off different things. But to be honest, I've missed running. Ok, not quite the actual running part, but I've missed feeling in shape and being the high that came from being able to run 3 miles. 

I ended up going for a quick 20 minute run (probably just a little under 2 miles) with my dog. The whole ordeal was a little more stressful than it should have been because after driving there I realized I forgot to bring a leash. I decided to just stick to a trail, and be thankful that my dog is well behaved. If I drove back home, I know I wouldn't have done anything.
The view from where I ran
On a happier note, I got to wear my new present from my parents: a Nike workout shirt! I felt very stylish while running.

It feels weird not recaping July and planning for August like I usually do at the beginning of the month, but I really wanted to get this post done:) Maybe I'll postpone it to (August 2nd I have one last birthday dinner with the other side of the family) August 3rd. There's so much to look forward to!

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  1. Love the Nike shirt. Hope you had a great birthday Julia!!