Saturday, July 2, 2011

Start of my Birthday Month!

It's July! Which happens to be my favorite month ever. The weather is (usually) amazing, it's a full month of summer, and it's full of birthdays.

June was beyond amazing.
I went to Hawaii!

Where I swam with turtles and in waterfalls,
went ziplining,
went to a luau (and ate octopus), and had an absolutely great time.

Scott and I celebrated our anniversary in San Diego!

I officially signed up for the Mud Run!

What's going to happen in July:

- I'm going to turn 19!
- I'm going to run my first race ever!
- Jessica is going to be turning 17
- Fourth of July beach day
- And hopefully some hikes around LA that didn't happen last month
- and lots more:)

July started off with a run/walk with my friend Sarah, and then a BBQ at a friends house. For dinner, we had roasted veggies, salad, and hot dogs. After we made smores with her backyard firepit.

Even though there are no pictures for proof (I left my camera at home), it was a great start to the month!


  1. I love your June recap, you did so many wonderful things :)
    And even more to look forward to... yay for birthday month!

  2. Cute post! July is my birthday month, too. Can't wait :)