Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm a Nevernude

I truly had an amazing day today. After meeting a friend at Creme de la Crepe for breakfast (I had an unpictured egg, cheese, and bacon crepe), I met up with my friends Sarah and Kaelin to head up to LA to go to the Melrose flea market.

The Melrose flea market is this amazing market that sells tons of vintage and offbeat stuff from a large range of different vendors. I've actually never been shopping at Melrose before (how is it that I've lived around this area so long and never been?), so I was really excited.

It did not disappoint. There were so many cool things and trinkets, and I wanted it all.

Creepiest mannequin ever

This was a really interesting booth that was selling old pictures of random people, places, and things. 

As fun and interesting the shopping booths were, the food options were super disappointing. After an overpriced and mediocre empanada and a falsely advertised mediocre ice cream, I may or may not have had a mini tantrum. I mean the ice cream is only supposed to be $1, not $1.25! It's the principle, I tell you.

 Next time I'm totally just going to go for that iced coffee I've been craving all week.

And just to get another unpictured food mention out of the way, I had leftovers and salad for dinner tonight:)

I did end up getting two things from the fair today: I bought Jessica a gold turtle necklace because her birthday was a few days ago and bought myself a pair of jean shorts. They are adorable, high waisted Levi cutoffs that I love, and only cost $15.
I was actually so excited to show them off, that I put them on under my dress and ran into my room to show Jessica...

...and then she proceeded to call me a Nevernude for wearing jorts under my clothes. Which made it all that much better. Any Arrested Development fans out there? If not, 1) I highly suggest you fix that little problem and 2) watch this to see what I'm referencing

I didn't get in a work out today like I had hoped, but tomorrow is a new week and I'm planning on starting it with a run! Good night!


  1. there is nothing worse to me than feeling bummed about a food choice that was terrible for the price or for the calories, lol. the other day i ordered a hot fudge sundae (paid extra for the fudge) and the fudge was COLD! i mean... ew!

  2. ooo ive never been to a flea market before! but your pictures reflect how i imagine them, cluttered with lots of cool undiscovered stuff :) i can't believe the flea market sells Levis!!!

    ps: i would've thrown a tantrum too if that happened to me. last sat was my friends bday, and everybody was too busy getting drunk to eat cake. i, don't drink, so i really wanted cake. i was a little grumpy for 4 hours cuz i REALLY WANTED TO EAT CAKE and no one heard me :( ahah now imagine how i would be on MY birthday ;)

  3. @Alison- Seriously that's such a bummer. Silly people, Ice cream should be cold, and fudge should be hot. Common knowledge:)

    @Connie- Bahaha your comments kinda make my life. I agree cake should ALWAYS come first. I would love to see what amazing cake you will have for your mouth is just watering at the thought of it!