Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Haircuts and Hamsters

Before I get into this post, I want to have a quick tribute to the passing of July (aka my favorite month of the year).

And celebrated my (and my sister's) 19th birthday.
Plans for August:
- Going back to school (ah!) and all the shenanigans of that
- Trip to Mammoth with Ali, her family and boyfriend, and Scott!
- Trying to standup paddle board (hopefully!)

As my last birthday celebration came to an end, I realized something: I am so excited to eat healthy foods (or try to) again. After days (4 to be exact) of eating birthday cake, ice cream, and cupcakes, I can officially say I feel gross. 
And almost burned out on sweets. I give it a day until my sweet tooth will return with a burning passion for all things dessert. 

Starting tomorrow, I am going to officially make some healthy meals and snacks without venturing into the leftover cake for breakfast. Anyway, carrot cupcakes for breakfast was so yesterday. Literally. 

But until tomorrow morning, I can still share my beautiful lemon cake with lemon icing made by my grandmother.
I especially like the homemade cake decorations. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like a hamster holding balloons ;)

Oh, and I got a haircut! I'm a big baby about change so even though it was just a trim, I'm still sulking about the house about how it's so short. Here's a before and after picture (I'm even wearing the same dress!). And I'm realizing now that you really can't see that much of a difference.

Oh well, I promised it looks different in person!

It's time for me to go to bed! I really need to start doing that earlier at night :)


  1. Don't worry about a few days of not eating healthy... it was your birthday so you have every right to :)
    Plus that lemon cake looks and sounds irrestible :)
    You will jump on the healthier bandwagon soon, it's all about moderation right?! <-- A concept I am trying to understand and get through my thick head ha

  2. Oh we all have those days where we just pig out, it's normal!!

  3. Thanks guys! Birthday treats in general are pretty irresistible, and I definitely enjoyed each bite :)