Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chocolate and Sprinkles

Posting pictures of my food is really an off and on occurrence for me. A lot of days I don't eat super healthy (I try to maintain some level of healthy eating on a daily basis) or I don't have a set meal that is interesting or photogenic. Other days, I'm really proud of how healthy I ate (I don't include all my snacks) and want to brag share it or I eat something especially delicious.

Today is one of the occasions where both reasons have inspired me to share my eats.

For breakfast I had a delicious Egg McBagel--aka an Everything bagel thin with an egg and slice of cheese. I'm a little bit obsessed with these breakfast sandwiches. They are so good!

I actually had a Egg McBagel for breakfast before the mud run to get ready for the race. Scott had an egg sandwich that included scrambled eggs and peanut butter. I consider myself pretty open with food, but I watched in awe as he ate (and enjoyed it?!). I think I'll stick to my breakfast, thank you very much!

I felt pretty creative during lunch so I decided to make a Caesar salad wrap. I just spread some Caesar salad dressing on a tortilla added some lettuce, leftover chicken, and a little bit of cheese. It was a pretty heathy lunch if I do say so myself.
The only problem is it didn't stay wrapped unless I held it, so here's this awkward picture.
Tonight we had my sister's birthday dinner with the grandparents, so of course we had a delicious hamburgers with home made french fries and a salad.
Have I mentioned I'm a ketchup fanatic? I used a very small portion for the picture so people wouldn't judge too much. A lot of people think it's gross, but haters gonna hate.

Of course the best part about birthdays is the birthday cake! My mom made a delicious, homemade 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She also used these pretty candied sprinkles to decorate it.

So delicious. And rich. And perfect. Which leaves me wondering what birthday cake I'm going to choose for my 19th. It's only 10 days away!
Just a reminder, I don't include any snacking/picking/activities that occur when I stare in my fridge.

Tomorrow, I'm going to make use of that 3 day gym pass, and try to get in a cycling class in the morning. I've never gone to one before, and I'm a little nervous especially since I'm going alone. I'm already pumping myself up to be the little cyclist who could! Has anyone gone to a cycling class before? Are they intense? 


  1. That cake... wow does it look tasty, and chocolate is my favorite kind :)
    I would definitely have that as my birthday cake too if I were you!
    Cycling is tough, but it is such a good workout. I would suggest going early and having the instructor help you with bike set up and any tips they can give. It will be hard, but you will get through it and feel fantastic after!

  2. Happy Birthday in a few days, Julia!! :) The chocolate cake looks amazing!

    I've tried a couple spin classes and love them. They kick my butt and I feel amazing afterward! Plus it's nice to be able to control how easy/hard you want your workout to be.

  3. oh deary chocolate cake and ice cream?! i have got to try that combo!