Monday, July 11, 2011

Return from Spontaneity

Due to a spontaneous trip (the details were figured out literally less than an hour before I left) to San Diego to visit the boyfriend, my blog was a bit neglected this weekend. Which was fine by me because I had an amazing time:).

Now that I'm back home, I did my best to fix that mindset with lots of healthy foods. And I at first succeeded.
Breakfast was eggs and a peach.

Snack/lunch was some supposedly healthy popcorn (but it didn't taste it so that was a plus), a bagel thin with TJ's whipped cream cheese, and a serving of Costco's all natural fruit and nut scones.

I headed over to my grandmother's house for an early dinner with the rest of my family. Along with tons of unpictured veggies and guacamole and chips, dinner was fruit, salad, corn, and teriyaki chicken.

With a lemon cupcake and lemon icing for dessert. I love all things lemon.

This was totally enough food for the day, but then I went babysitting... The family had ordered pizza for dinner, and throughout the night I ate two slices of cheese pizza (from a small pizza, that counts for something, right?). So in light of how gross I felt after my eating out of boredom (I am not an emotional eater, but when I get bored it gets bad), I have decided to make a few goals.

1. No more snacking after dinner.
2. No more eating in front of my laptop (or TV, but I never really did that)
3. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day (check!)
4. Having nothing to do does not mean a trip to the fridge.

Anyway, on a different, positive note: the mud run is less than a week away! I'm determined to go for a 3 mile run tomorrow (I'm hoping for morning, but that doesn't always happen), and I'm actually kind of excited.
See you tomorrow!

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