Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrity Crush

Why I love Costco...

Reason #2342:
They replaced my camera for free! I now once again have a functioning camera to take more endless pictures of food!
Deja Vu
Reasons 1-2341 are largely just expressing my love for free samples and food in bulk. As a family of 6, we have learned to adore Costco for the miracle it truly is.

Since I don't have any pictures from today (and my food was very uneventful...I made a smoothie that was disgusting and ended up going down the drain), I've decided to include you on a very meaningful conversation my friends and I were having.
The question was who was your celebrity crush (I know we have the maturity of middle school girls not sophomores in college). 
So here's my current response: Jake Gyllenhaal

Oh and a little more embarrassing one: Ron Weasley. And I refer to him by the Harry Potter name because I only really like him in the movies.

So, who's your celebrity crush? You know you want to tell meeeee:) Don't worry, I'm very aware of how random this post is.

PS... Scott, you're still the cutest ;) 

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