Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sandwiches in the Sun

Guess who got their iced coffee they were whining pining for?

ME ME ME ME! I splurged on a Starbuck's Carmel Macchiato iced coffee, and I swear I had never tasted something more delicious in my life. I got the smallest size like usual because when I get coffee it's for the taste, not the caffeine. I'm proud to say I have always maintained at least one healthy habit of being completely unrelient on coffee/tea/soda. Which is shocking since I write 90% of these posts at a ridiculous hour at night.

Today was one of those absolutely beautiful days that inspires me to eat outside, enjoy the sunshine, and play with my puppy Roxy (ok so she's actually like 10 years old).  As you could have probably guessed, both breakfast and lunch were eaten outside.

Breakfast was my most recent favorite, an Egg McBagelThin and a nectarine.

Lunch was absolutely delicious. Like amazing. I had a Bagel thin sandwich (yes, my obsession is a problem) with Curry Chicken Salad and avocado slices.
But before I say anything else, can I just point out how many toppings the bagel I pulled out had (one on the right)? Seriously, what the heck?
I mean look how much there was! It's alright I know I'm the only one fascinated by this. 
Anyway, the sandwich was absolutely delicious.
The Curry Chicken Salad sauce was made by mixing a half cup of mayo (which I actually hate but for some reason overcome for my love of tuna and egg salad sandwiches), freshly squeezed lemon juice from half a lemon, and a spoonful of curry powder. 
We had several large chicken breasts leftover so this sauce was more than enough for an entire bowl of chopped chicken. 

I cannot get over how good this was. It wasn't spicy (I'm a wimp), and was just NOM.

The chicken also appeared in my dinner salad along with red peppers and light Caesar dressing.

A few unpictured Trader Joe's organic peanut butter cups were consumed before and after dinner. They were so good, that my Mom was successfully able to bribe Johnny into eating two bites of lettuce. He was not happy.
Johnny I promise it's normal to eat that stuff. I actually like it!
While I had a great day hanging around and playing with my puppy, I'm actually feeling really guilty because I didn't work out like I planned. 
I know puppy you think you're worth it, but I need exercise.
I'm pretty good about not getting weird if I don't work out for a reason (like on Saturday I had friends staying over and then babysat and Sunday was my impromptu visit to Melrose), but when I have a lazy day where I had planned to workout and didn't, I feel like a huge slacker. 

Luckily, Ali comes back to town tomorrow and we are meeting to go for a run. Yes, plans I can actually follow through! 

Until then, does anyone know of any good ways/phrases to motivate yourself? I'm in desperate need until I find a new goal to work for:)

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  1. That is pretty annoying about the bagels, the toppings are the best part! I understand your obsession as well, bagel thins are rather tasty :)
    Don't worry about not working out! I am finally understanding how much more there is to life that constantly thinking about fitness...so when life gets in the way then it's okay :)