Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Causing a Commotion

I was a bad blogger and didn't take any pictures today. So you know what that means...

My food intake today consisted of a lot of Thomas Everything Bagel Thins. Tessa's recently posted (her blog is really great by the way) about foods she can't have in the house.

I've come to realize that my beloved bagel thins are probably going to have to go. I easily ate three of them today, and had to stop myself from more, a lot more. I don't feel guilty about it (all together it was 330 calories so not too bad), but I just cannot help myself around them.
Look up the world's guiltiest dog and thank me later

So that was my breakfast and part of my lunch. Oh and somewhere along there I had another lemonade popsicle.

My meals today were pretty average with one exception. Being the awesome older sister that I am, I decided to spontaneously take my siblings to BJ's to try a pizookie. I had to pick them up from the beach for their Junior Lifeguards summer program, and they started begging me to take them there. I agreed and drove all the way over only to discover that Jessica and Johnny didn't have shoes. Long story short: Johnny refused to go in but stood in the window staring, Jessica got kicked out of the restaurant, and James (who was wearing shoes) decided this was the perfect time to start spinning in the revolving door. I got so many judgmental looks (which I probably deserved...not having shoes should have just marked the end of the trip), and it was super embarrassing.
I decided this was a more appropriate representation of my siblings and I then the Sex and the City picture I originally picked out. 
Buttt--cause I know you guys are on the edge of you seats--we ended up getting our pizookies through their take out service and out them outside in the sun. All's well that ends well :) We actually had a really fun time.

I know I can't be the only one with an embarrassing family story. Feel free to make me feel better share!

On another note, I went for a run today! It was just a quick (under 2 miles quick) one around the neighborhood with Roxy, but I'm just happy I went. I ran to a park at the halfway point and stopped to let Roxy enjoy her free time (she gets so sad and confused if she doesn't get to play) and to stretch. I also did some squats, sit ups, and push ups before running back.

It's been awhile and I can already feel myself getting sore. Tomorrow I hope to workout earlier in the day and maybe even run a little farther. Go a little crazy, you know?

That's it for me tonight! I'm going to go back to watching my dad switch back from Star Wars and a Western on TV. Ridiculous combos are the best.

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  1. Haha goodness that does sound a bit stressful, but at least it ended in a delicious treat :)
    Nice job on your run too! It doesn't matter about the distance, just getting out there is great
    And thank you for mentioning me, we can work on these crazy binge inducing foods!