Saturday, June 18, 2011

By the Sea Heart

Thursday my brother, sister, Mom, and I went zip lining for the first time. The course we went on was in the woods and consisted of 5 zip lines and a wooden bridge. The zip lines started off really easy and built up to the last one that was apparently the fastest one in Maui. It was really fun, and actually not that scary. My littlest brother and Dad ended up not going because they are both not a fan of heights.

The last huge zip line. It went to the clearing on the other side.
 After zip lining, we drove to a nearby town to go shopping and look around for a little bit (my brothers were not happy campers…for the last hour they stayed in the car and whined). I ended up picking up a really cute jar of Strawberry-Guava jam for a gift, and had a lot of fun window shopping (most of the stuff was CRAZY expensive) with my sister and Mom. I did end up getting one thing…a seriously adorable notebook.  It says “It’s all for you and your other-worldy, by-the-sea, magnificent heart” on the front and “It is hear where she must begin to tell her story”.
Of course I would spend an abnormal amount of my post talking about my notebook. I am obsessed.

I have a huge weakness for pretty notebooks. Even though I never write in them (and have a blog which is kind of counterintuitive for notebooks), I love looking at how cute they are. I promise I’m really going to try to write at least something in this one though!

Yesterday was spent frolicking in the water (hehe), sitting on the sand, window shopping, finally running those three miles (YESSS), and getting ready to BBQ. I actually finished one of my books on the beach today and it was SO, SO GOOD. I highly recommend it. It’s a bunch of short stories so it is perfect for traveling. “The King and Queen of the Universe” was by far one of the best ones.
A better view of  Black rock beach (and where I jumped off!)

My 3 (3.1 actually) mile run felt amazing! Maybe all I needed was just to enjoy the past few days of my vacation by going easy/not going at all on my workouts because this run felt great! I ran on the treadmill and actually did not spend my whole time watching the miles go up by every .01 mile. I paced myself, and kept increasing my speed throughout the workout. After my run, I felt great and realized that runs like these were why some people love running so much.

My food highlights include a mountain of Hawaiian shaved ice
Lime, mango, and pineapple flavors
and lots of summer BBQ food.
We actually haven’t been to any restaurants lately because having 10 people (my family and my grandparents) makes already high prices even higher, so we’ve been BBQing all of our dinners.
It usually consists of salad with oil and vinegar, garlic bread made with sourdough bread, butter and garlic toast along with a little steak or tri tip.
Pretty view from the table

I posted this picture only because of the mini salt and pepper containers. They are so cute.

Hawaii has been incredible, and I can't believe we just passed the half way mark. It's been so much fun, and I am so lucky to be able to experience this (Thanks, Nana!).
Off to the ultimate tourist dinner... a (buffet...nommm) luau! I'll take lots of pictures ;) 

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