Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm a Sloth Wannabe

Today I had my first full day at home in 2 weeks, and I took advantage of it by doing absolutely nothing. Not one productive thing happened (except my trip to feed and walk the dog for my housesitting job), and it was nice to just be lazy.
This was pretty much me today.

Especially since tomorrow, I am committed to get back onto the working out bandwagon. I haven't actually been too bad in the past few weeks, and went to the gym a few times while I was in Hawaii--something I know I would not have done a few months ago--but I still haven't worked out since Tuesday.
One of my workouts included going on a stationary bike that offered a video cycling class. It was one of the more ridiculous things I've done. I felt so dumb listening to some guy who was enjoying cycling a little too much tell me "You got it, athlete" and "Great job, athlete" over and over again.

I have a feeling I'm going to have a few hard runs this week trying to get back into shape. Fun, fun, fun.

Anyway, today I stayed away from crazy decadent food, and just had very simple meals. For breakfast, I had an unpictured bowl of cereal (and I actually only had one was shocking).

Lunch turned more into a brunch themed event, and I made myself a bowl of oatmeal, 2 scrambled eggs with bell peppers, and one piece of toast.
Cinnamon and spice oatmeal with a little bit of peanut butter
I also had some Panda Express mushroom chicken a few hours later. Not super healthy, but it's under 250 calories so it's not too bad (hopefully).
Dinner was teriyaki chicken, wild rice with BBQed red peppers and onions, salad with Italian dressing, and watermelon. 
As I'm editing my post, I've realized that I need to improve the pictures of my food. Maybe I'll start forcing myself to wait a few seconds to beautify my food before I attack it. What an interesting thought. 

While I am looking forward to a more productive day tomorrow, I am thoroughly enjoying the Sex and the City Season 1 marathon I've started. It's my first time watching, and I'm loving the huge 90's cell phones and lap tops....and everything about the show. 

Time for bed! Night!

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  1. I'm glad you had a wonderfully relaxing day of doing NOTHING, you deserved it :)
    Don't worry about forcing yourself on hard runs, just take them nice and slow and your body will ease back into it without a lot of discomfort.
    Sex and the City is one of my favorite series, I wish I was watching it for the first time!