Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home For Now

I'm officially home from Hawaii. I'm so sad to leave the beautiful beaches, cute condo, and amazing weather, but luckily my vacation days are not quite over yet.
Take me back? Pleaseeeee
Tomorrow, I'm heading down to San Diego to visit Scott and celebrate our anniversary! Our plans have been kept secret from me, but I know part of it includes Sea World ;).

I have a million things to do tomorrow morning and I'm going to try to get up early (even though 8am here will be 5am Hawaii time) to get it all done before I leave. So I'm going to head to bed (words cannot describe how excited I am for my bed...while I loved where we stayed, but that bed was AWFUL), and sadly will not write up a full blog post tonight.

I've missed blogging so much over my trip, and I am truly excited for when I can get back to my regular schedule...and catch up on all the blogs I've neglected.

I can't wait to see this guy tomorrow!