Saturday, June 4, 2011

Free Fruit Friday

So the morning run didn't happen. Oh well, I kinda saw that coming. I lounged around in bed, and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful amazingness of my comforter and pillows. Plus I've gone for early morning runs the past two days.

For breakfast I had lots of random things that made for some pretty boring photos. A bagel thin, greek yogurt with a spoonful of strawberry jelly and cherrios, and a banana with peanut butter.
I was not happy with how small the banana was
Since you guys all know I love my business casual and showing off outfits here's my work outfit.
Please ignore the badly shopped out address. My talents are still in the making
And my lovely sister decided that she would not take real pictures of me until I did a "sexy" one first. It did not end well. Bunched up dress + serial killer stare = fierce. 
Smaller means less embarrassing, right?
After a long morning shift at work (9-1:30) I was super ready for my lunch break. I drove home and preceded to have the best. lunch break. ever. My dad was home too for lunch and we both watched Lord of the Rings--not going to even bother hiding my love for the trilogy--and ate lunch together. I was absolutely starving so I attacked our kitchen. I had one tamale, a bagel thin with cream cheese, banana with peanut butter, and an apple. It went unpictured because trust me 1) it did not look appetizing 2) they were not all eaten at the same time and 3) I was very focused on Frodo, Sam, and Smeogal.
Oh hey, cuties

My work day ended when I left the office and looked around the small Farmer's Market that was happening right outside. I love anything and everything that has to do with street vendors, so I had a good time looking at all the food and getting some free samples. I almost ended up buying cherries, but then I remembered I'm trying to save money and that my family would eat them all in one second. So I just enjoyed the fruit that was given to me.
Super cute

Summer fruit!
When I got home, I relaxed for a little bit, and then had to force myself to get outside to get in some form of exercise. I never thought I would say this, but I think I'm preferring to work out an hour or so after I wake up. It was really hard to get motivated today, and I really was not feeling like running. I decided to take Roxy for a walk without any pressure to go for a long run.

Today I realized one odd habit I do to get pumped up is that I get Roxy all riled up for her walk. When she's freaking out about hearing the word "walk" and seeing me get her leash, I almost always get at least a little more excited to go too.

I took her around the neighborhood and went for an overall route of 3.2 miles (I love runningmap so much), and ran about 1.5 miles of it. I was actually happy with that because I just wasn't feeling it today. I also looked pretty ridiculous since my clean workout clothes stack is running pretty low...
Pink&white shoes, pink&red shorts, red&white shirt. I think it's safe to assume I was very visible on my run.
Dinner was a lovely creation from my mom. Spaghetti with tomatoes, carrots, onions, and lean ground turkey with an Italian salad.

I tend to go crazy with Parmesan cheese. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Good news! I'm seeing Scott tomorrow! I'm super excited! I've given in to very cheesy titles, and I'm not even going to apologize for this one.

Happy Julia: going for a walk with the puppy, free fruit samples, Lord of the Rings lunch date, seeing my little brother's secret place (he was very adamant I did not give away his hideout on the blog), 10 hours!

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  1. LOLOL i do that all the time too! the night before my morning run i tell myself OK CONNIE YOU HAVE TO RUN TOMORROW. then when morning comes i totally sleep in til the afternoon