Thursday, June 30, 2011

Room for Improvement

I have to come to realize that I NEED to drink more water. I am really prone to headaches, and hot weather does not help. 
Last night, I got a really bad headache (hence no blog post), and I couldn't even recall if I drank more than 1 cup of water that day. So I have a new goal: I'm going to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day a and hopefully more. I have a feeling I'm going to start using my new tumblr a bit more frequently (yay!).

Some foodie highlights from today and yesterday:

Yesterday's lunch was an egg salad sandwich with a bagel thin and peach. The egg salad was made using 4 hardboiled eggs (I took out one yolk), 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, and 2 tbs Trader Joe's light mayo, and capers. This was a super last minute meal, and if I had a choice I would have subbed in some greek yogurt or something to reduce the mayo. It made about 3 sandwiches worth, so I shared.

Today's lunch was my attempt to recreate black bean soup, whole wheat toast (with Smart Balance), and another peach. The soup was good, but I'm sad to say that it was no where close to the original. I made this with one onion and red bell pepper sauteed in olive oil, garlic, chicken broth, and pureed black beans. I also added chicken into the soup to make it more filling.
It really was good, and I'm not giving up on it. I want to try adding different spices to it to make it more flavorful.

For dinner, I went out to Chinese with my family and my Grandparents at a local restaurant called Fu Yuan Lo. While this picture does not do the meal justice at all, it was delicious and I had a great time. PS the plate is not as big as it looks. We ordered family style and got fried rice, chow mein, mongolian beef, cashew chicken, and shrimp with baby snap peas.
Pictures I don't like get demoted to small size.

We all got dessert at Yogurtland after, and guess what? They have a new flavor! I died a little bit with happiness. It's carmel almond bar and it is delicious. I also got cinnamon graham cracker and cheesecake flavors topped with cheesecake bites, graham cracker crumbs (I originally almost typed graham cracker fairy dust) and reeses. Nom.

It's almost the fourth of July weekend! I'm getting excited!


  1. caramel almond bar fro yo sounds amazzzingggg. try adding little pieces of fresh or frozen fruit to makes it taste a million times better. another thing i do is brew up a big pitcher of fruity herbal tea at the beginning of the week(no sugar, no caffeine) and just drink that as my water intake. celestial seasonings is really good and dirt cheap for the amount you get. and wait...did i totally miss your new banner thingy? it looks great =)!!

  2. Aw Paige you are the sweetest! I just redid it a day or two ago. Thanks for the suggestions, that sounds amazingggg. I'm going to try the tea idea :)