Monday, June 13, 2011

I Made it to Hawaii! Day 1!

Yesterday was my first day in Hawaii (today was my first day with wifi though so I’m posting this at 9:00 in the morning instead of last night).

Hawaii is absolutely beautiful. But before I start overloading you with tons of pictures, I thought I would attempt to go through what happened that day.

6:00 AM: Get up and load all of our luggage into the limo to head to the airport. Yes, you read correctly… our family and my grandparents took a limo to the airport. My grandma was the one planning how we would get a ride there, and discovered that it was the cheapest way to transport 10 people to the airport. So we rode in style.

7:00 AM: Deal with airport shenanigans.  Out of the whole group my sister and I were the only one to be frisked. I guess we were the sketchy looking ones. We also people watched (excuse me lady wearing platform stilettos this early in the morning, at LAX you’re just a tad ridiculous) and got breakfast at the airport McDonalds. Don’t judge me, but I love egg mcmuffins… like a lot. I never eat them unless we’re traveling though so I was happy camper with the continued tradition.

8:45: We’re flying! This is only my second time in a plane (first time was a 2 hour trip to Texas), and I had an ok experience. I could not for the life of my fall asleep, so I won an easy level Sudoku and read some of my book “Look at the Birdie” by Kurt Vonnegut. My little brother only made a mild scene once when we hit some turbulence. My lunch was half an airplane turkey sandwich and a carrot cake cliff bar.

11:30 (Hawaii time, 2:30 CA time): We arrive in Hawaii! The next few hours are spent renting a car, heading to Costco and eating lots of free samples before we get to our hotel
Our “official” vacation began when we got to the hotel. We’re staying at the Kaanapali Alii hotel and our condo was absolutely gorgeous. I was seriously speechless when I walked inside. We quickly grabbed our bathing suits and went for a swim in the ocean which was pool water temperature. Everything was amazing.
I’m a huge fanatic for hotel rooms so prepare for an extensive virtual tour
Outside of the hotel!
My sister and my bedroom

Living dream

Kitchen and dining room (yay tons of food!)
Master bedroom
Bathroom haha
The boy's room
The best part about the condo/hotel room is the back patio. It's beautiful and leads to a path that goes straight to the beach
The path to the beach!
Since yesterday was my Mom's official birthday, we went out to eat at the Hawaiian Grill. Honestly, this was one of the fanciest meals of my life.
Fresh mango smoothies
Crab dumplings with chili water (shared with my sister)
Fresh fish special of mai mai and swordfish and tomato fondu with sauteed veggies and rice (shared with Jessica)
Mom's ice cream birthday cake
The food was crazy good. The whole day was unbelievable. 

I can't believe this is only the first day. I'm so excited for the rest of the trip (don't worry the other posts will NOT be this long). Thanks for hanging in there on this one!


  1. Ahh I love this post! Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot. Last summer, I spent my 20th birthday in Hawaii. We stayed in a Condo as well. It was our first time doing so, and we enjoyed it so much. I loved having a kitchen so we could cook and didn't have to eat every meal out. That is so rough on my stomach. The highlight of the trip was swimming with dolphins on my birthday and having an amazing meal at an ocean-front restaurant. I can't wait to read the rest of your posts!!!

  2. love this! Everything looks amazing!

    Have an awesome time :D xo

  3. It's my first time being in a condo too, and you are so right... the kitchen is a lifesaver! I can't eat out more than one restaurant a day.

    Swimming with dolphins sounds unbelievable! That would be a favorite memory too.

    Thanks guys!

  4. Hawaii looks AMAZING. I've never been there but I really hope I get a chance to visit there some day. Have a BLAST.

    Just wanted to let you know I awarded you with the Operation Beautiful award in my last post :)