Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bambi Run

I bought a new camera!

But first, I let's talk about my workout today. As usual, I met up with Ali to go on a run. Since I babysat this morning and she worked in the afternoon, we decided to meet up at 5 pm. Actually she showed up to my house at 5 without me knowing because I live in the "black hole of cell service" and didn't get the text that she was coming. I thought I had gotten out of running haha. Even though all my snacking (thanks for the drumstick, nana!) hadn't put me in the optimal running mood, I hurried and got ready to go.

I had seen a group of runners the other day disappear into an allusive trail on the side of the road, and really wanted to try it out. I'm so glad we did. Usually our runs consist of ocean views (I know, I live a tough life), but I felt like I had just entered a different world full of farms and meadows.
It's a MEADOW!
The trail winded behind tons of horse stables and through a canyon all the way until this cute park/horse corral that I haven't been to in ages. Besides the sometimes overpowering horse smell and dodging horse poop, the run was super happy and quaint (don't laugh at me). I even saw a cotton tail rabbit run in front of us in a addition to the bajillion horses.
I'm obviously short on photos.
After we reached the park and had to a trek uphill on the sidewalk next to a not so pretty street. The whole run was probably about or a little more than 2.5 miles, and I'm happy to say I ran the whole way without one break.

Anyway I got my beautiful new camera today! Thanks for the suggestions, and I definitely lusted after all the Lumix cameras. Then, I remembered that I have a very low budget, and went for a simpler camera.
Say hi to my new best friend!
So of course the first thing I do is take pictures of my dog. And she didn't look as terribly unphotogenic as she usually does...I would almost say she looks cute.

I had to bribe her with fetch, but she still was too excited to stay close
Dinner was going to be photographed since I made turkey burgers, but they ended up looking not delicious at all. Apparently, I cannot grill neatly, and turkey burgers shrink when they're cooked. At least they tasted normal.

Happy Julia: seeing a bunny bahaha, my new camera, Costco samples


  1. Hehehe I love Bambi :)
    Sounds like a great run, changing it up with trails and different routes is always a great idea. Nice job with keeping up the run the whole time!

  2. love all the bambi pics, so cute! i'm glad you got a new camera!! it looks great!

  3. worst part about blogging - stressing out over whether your food looks 'pretty' enough to show off on the internet. haha :)