Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Active Hangout

I'll be honest and say that I'm a little lost about what to write since I don't have any pictures to put up. I realized that I don't want to talk about food if I don't have pictures of any of it because that would bore me as a reader.

So I'll start out with my "workout." I went to Ali's house with the full intention of going for a hard run today. However, we both decided that it was very important to sit down and talk before our run which turned into (of course) not leaving the house at all. We still wanted to get a workout in though, so we decided to make an interval workout that consisted of:
Jumping Jacks
Alternate leg lunge
Hip lift
Side plank 
High knee jog on the spot
Basic crunch
Mountain climbers
With each exercise being done for one minute 

I con honestly say we had true intentions of completing this whole thing 3 times. But after laughing through the whole squats (ends up it's a tad hilarious to do squats facing one another and staring into each other's eyes) and jumping jacks (I swear we looked more like crazed dancers jumping around to Enrique Iglesias' I like It), the intensity of our workout began to diminish. 

While we did finish all the exercises, we didn't even bother to try to go through them two more times. I try to think more on the positive side, so instead of saying we didn't work out, I believe we had an "active hang out". See? Sounds so much better than slacking already.

Just to add some color to the post, I'll share one of my few recent photos I have that were taken with a friend's camera. Since I always go on about how great the view is on some of my routes and how it really makes a run, I thought I'd share a path that I've been wanting to go on recently. It's a 3 mile run by my old high school, that I'm planning to do on Friday (so stay tuned)
My and my friend we're having a mini photo shoot...don't worry a skirt and blouse is not my usual running attire
An update from yesterday's sad story... there's good news and bad news. The bad news (I always pick bad news first)--my camera is completely broken. I was hoping that it could be a quick fix like a piece of sand in the lens that's keeping it stuck, but apparently the lens are dented beyond repair. The good news--I'm going to buy myself a new camera!

I've had my old camera for a few years now, and I used it all the time...even before I started this blog. With Hawaii just around the corner, I really want to invest in a new one. If anyone has any suggestions about what cameras they like/use...or don't like!... let me know :) 

Happy Julia: re-looking at awkward family photos (Scott and I went on the website for hours the other day), actively hanging out, having sunny, warm weather
And because I love to share the happiness, here's an awkward family photo entry I found particularly relevant!


  1. Sorry to hear about your camera! I have a Panasonic that is waterproof and shockproof (you can drop it without hurting it!). I'd really recommend it, especially for Hawaii. I took so many underwater pictures when i went last time

  2. hey julia! i've been reading your blog for a couple days now after i saw a comment you made on pbfingers and just wanted to say hi :)

    ps- i also have a panasonic and love it! their lumix cameras are great quality, have amazing lenses, and can even shoot hd video! i actually think i might have seen one on sale at target the other day.

  3. @Paige- Thanks so much for saying hi! I'm excited to check out your blog :)

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! I'm definitely going to check those cameras out!

  4. holy moly u did all that exercise in one day?! thats what i do in two months!

  5. "active hangout" love it!!! Too bad about your camera, but awesome that you get a new one!!