Sunday, June 5, 2011

Couples who Run Together..

This morning Scott and I went for a run/walk on the strand. It's weird, but before today we actually had never gone on a run together. We both have been on active dates like biking, or to the gym together, but never outside running side by side. I was a little nervous (you would think after years of dating I would get over the nervous part).

The run was. so. amazing. I forgot how running can be so much fun, especially if you're with someone who's promised to stick to your pace and let you take walking breaks :). Plus it was a really pretty day, so I was very happy.
The only one where one of us isn't blinking

Later today I decided to make banana/peanut butter bread for dessert. It's the recipe from Carrots N Cake, and it was sooo good. While she makes bars, I actually turned it into a small loaf of bread so I cooked it for 45 minutes instead of 25-30. I also put cinnamon down the middle to make it prettier (too bad I forgot to take a picture before it was all cut up) I wanted to eat it all, but I was nice and shared with the rest of the family.

Happy Julia: SCOTT, compliments on my baking skills, making photobooth videos with my brothers...some may end up debuting on here, writing a quick and easy post tonight :)


  1. Julia,

    You and your bf are so cute!! I'd love to run with my bf, but sadly I'm just not a runner. We do like to go on walks together, though. That bread looks delishhh! Have a great day :)


  2. Aw thanks! By the end it was more of a walk since I'm still in the process of trying to be a runner haha. Have a great day too!

  3. oh i totally understand how you feel with the whole being nervous thing, thats why i don't run alongside other ppl too!

    PS: you and scott are uber cute!