Friday, June 3, 2011

Scary runs can be fixed with a cupcake

This morning I went for a run with my running buddy againnnn :) We walked to the fire trail from her house and ran it 3 times (down, up, down) and then walked 1.3 miles home (which included the steepest street known to mankind) and talked. The fire trail is approximately a mile long so we ran about 3 miles.

I love running on the fire trail because it overlooks the beach and has an incredible view, but today Ali and I had a scary incident. There was a huge snake laying out in the middle of road. I know that there are snakes in the area, but I expect them to be off the concrete in the grass or something not laid out in the middle of where we run.

After that I was super freaked out and literally jumped when I heard a lizard run by me. I feel like I might be taking a little break from that route.

For lunch I went to The Yellow Vase cafe to meet with a girl from USC. Since I was making a first impression, I didn't take any pictures of the food. Which was sad because it is the cutest little cafe ever. I ordered the California Chicken Panini which was made with chicken breast, tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella, and hummus. It came with a light salad, and was filling and healthy (or at least seemed healthy).
Casual first impression I over think things? Probably haha. Psttt say hit to Roxy!
The outside! I think yellow is becoming one of my favorite colors
I actually headed back with my little sister later today because we both started craving one of the Yellow Vase's cupcakes. They close early, but the lady working there was nice enough to let us get one 11 minutes after their official closing time. Score! We shared a carrot cake cupcake.
Carrot Cupcake!
More good news, I'm working at the office all day tomorrow! Which means I can actually have an organized blog post! I'm also going to attempt to get up at 6 in the morning to go for a run, but in all truthfulness there's probably a little less than a 50/50 chance of that happening. I really should start going to bed before midnight.

Happy Julia: buying an adorable little notebook, James' hugs, making it to USC and back in under two hours (I had to pick something up), a cute episode of Kitchen Nightmares (I know doesn't seem likely)

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  1. thanks for saying hi! I love meeting fellow newbie bloggers, especially ones with whom I have so much in common. :) I'll definitely be adding your blog to my google reader, girl! Good luck training for your race!!