Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warning: Lots of Pictures and Reminiscing Ahead

I'm sparing you another dorm picture only b/c you'll be able to see it soon
Now that it is officially summer, I can't help but think about how great my freshmen year has been. I moved into my new dorm, and was abnormally proud with how cute it looked. Unfortunately, this level of cleanliness only lasted a week and or two, but you get to see the pictures of it all nice and pretty! I got unusually excited about decorating my dorm room, so before you say anything... yes it is necessary to post multiple different pictures of it. Believe it or not I'm limiting myself.
I made the collages!

And what would USC be without are Trojan pride and football games? Why, we would just be another college! I have a confession: I've never been a big football person (except for high school Tri-City games). But being around all the school spirit that USC (sometimes obnoxiously) exhibits, it's impossible not to fall in love with the traditions.

Fight on!

First football game! We were really close to the field
And of course being right in the center of LA was something completely new, exciting, and fun to me. From beautiful suburbs to an urban city in downtown LA-aka not the nicest part of town.

Around LA live
I joined the sorority Gamma Phi Beta! Although I was hesitant about greek life before I went to school, I can honestly say that I have no regrets about becoming a part of it. It's been a really amazing experience that has helped me to meet so many great girls and really let me enjoy the whole college experience.
And I discovered, like all students do, that a wonderful thing does actually exist--there is such thing as a thriving nightlife in college.

 wish I could explain this better than just stating the obvious: there was a room full of packing peanuts. A ROOM FULL OF PACKING PEANUTS. Ps. I promise that's my happy face.
I got my Big Sister in my sorority and a crescent sister. Both of them are amazing and so so smart. I'm a very lucky little sis :)
My big and Grandbig in footsie pajamas
Jessica came to visit me at college, and brought her adorableness with her! Psst... look a how cute my bedding is!
Halloween was celebrated over the course of a few days, and I was a nerd, a sailor (unpictured), and my favorite, a group of kitties. Our group dressed up as cats on a whim with no planning involved, and had an amazing time. 

And one of the best nights? MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF HARRY POTTER! Seeing the movie at LA live made it even better, since there were so many people there and most of them (including yours truly) were dressed up. I probably shouldn't mention it, but I have a huge crush on this guy. But only if he stays the angsty, passionate Ron we all love. Only a little bit longer til the last HP movie....such a bittersweet thought.

And of course this year was great because of spending time with Scott! From watching Jersey Shore, eating Panda Express (or getting quesidillas for all those people), going on excursions, and pesky fire alarms, he made up a crucial part of my freshmen year.

Being classy at the Getty

Themed parties also played a major role in my freshmen year. "Way Back When" called for the creation of the Spice Girls (I would like to introduce you to the lovely Baby Spice), and "Gamma Gatsby" had me in pearls and feathers (from F21, way cheap accessories!).
Spice Girls on the infamous night

Also beach trips on the weekends or during breaks were always memorable and fun because for future reference, I am obsessed with the beach. The last picture was taken during a really fun trip to Santa Monica Beach.

A few hours before he spoke.
This list of course could not possibly include everything great about my freshmen year. Just living on campus, meeting people, and taking advantage of the opportunities USC has to offer has been amazing (did I mention I saw Obama?!?!). Although my list really only covers the social aspect of my freshmen year, college is about academics, and I have been having a great time experiencing those topics too. I'm taking Russian and am enjoying new classes and professors.
I have had an amazing first year, and I can't wait for my sophomore year to start. But as of right now, I am going to enjoy summer to the fullest! Woo! Thanks for hanging in their during such a long post! Night guys, let me know how you feel! :)

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