Monday, May 23, 2011

Three is the Magic Number

I went for a run todayyyyy! I love running with someone else because whenever I'm alone I usually spend the whole time complaining in my head. Also, when I'm by myself I tend to go for shorter runs because I get bored really quickly. 
Lucky for me, I went with my running buddy Ali for a 3 mile loop around the local golf course. The area is really hilly, but aside from one just insane hill (which was about .38 miles uphill) we ran the whole way. I actually felt pretty good during the run, and almost...enjoyed... it.
I love runningmap
I was also wearing my favorite running outfit so I was in the mood today. PS I can only run in bro tanks.

Most of my meals today were just repeats. I just had oatmeal again  and banana with peanut butter for breakfast, a sandwich again, and a bundle of random things for dinner because I was at my friend Ali's house. 

Just so you know, I do not bother listing anything I eat for snacks. But I am willing to make an exception this time in order to defend myself to the public. First off, I like apples and I like cheese. I like to eat apples and cheese together. I don't find this strange at all, but my siblings and boyfriend seem to find this repulsive and confusing (siblings-->repulsive, boyfriend-->confusing). I cannot be the only one to know how good this combination is right? I very much enjoyed my snack of a green apple with Laughing Cow swiss cheese spread on it. It was delicious. Does anyone else have weird food habits?
No makeup. No judging please :)
Anyway, back to business. The random dinner items included: a mini chicken burger that was less than 100 calories and that I ate just because it was adorable...
Next to a piece of small toast so you can see how cute it is!
... then had a veggie burger because the little one didn't do anything...
The bread was only 45 calories a slice so it was EXTRA healthy
... and had a poached egg for the very first time. I'm typically a scrambled type of girl. When I actually list this all out it seems like a lot, but it was actually nice cause it was not very filling (or veggie filled...oops).
And then I had dessert! Ali's grandmother made her biscotti from scratch and she still had a ton left over. We took a piece or two and put different jams on the biscotti since it's a very delicious but plain flavor. The 3 jams were so good! The flavors were Trader Joe's cherry and apricot and Knott's boysenberry. They were perfect for the biscotti, but I think they would have been too sweet for anything other than a dessert. 
Apricot, Boysenberry, and Cherry
Wow this is quite a feat... I'm about to post a blog before midnight! Whoo! And yes, I'm sticking to the corny Happy Julia's for now.
PS: trust me, I'm aware of how corny the title is. But I only have a few minutes to make my midnight proclamation true!

Happy Julia: finally mailing out a care package, pretending to go inside to do situps but end up talking and making dinner at Ali's house, chilling on the couch with my Dad

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  1. I definitely eat things just because of their cute factor all the time! What an adorable mini burger.