Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fire trails and the (lack) of Green Goo

Last night, I slept over at a friends house with my two friends Carly and Sophie. So this morning consisted of fighting for covers, eating a Trader Joe's bagel and granola for breakfast, and watching the Biggest Loser which made remembered how much I loved that show. I haven't watched an episode since last season, and I remembered how emotional I get watching it. I love Jillian! I want her to come yell at me ;)

After coming home for a bit, I went to Ali's house and her, my friend Sophie and I went on a run around her neighborhood which included the fire trail and running past the golf course. The fire trail is an old street that used to be an emergency shortcut for the fire department (I think). It's an absolutely beautiful trail that overlooks the ocean, and has tons of flowers, trees, and plants along it. However, the run turned more into a hike/walk when we ended up wanting to talk more, and not run up a killer uphill or through a small field. We got back to her house a while later, and were starving.

Since Ali's parents were out of town and she claims she has been eating only poached eggs for dinner the past few nights, We all went shopping to go make dinner.

Can't you just see the inspiration in us? or the dog in the backseat (look closely)

Shopping for food!

We decided to make turkey burgers and salad. I was in charge of the turkey burgers, and I decided to try to be creative by putting cheese in the middle. I felt very resourceful. Maybe I was feeling inspired from this week's Biggest Loser challenge (Did anyone else watch it?). Except I didn't use green goo to spice mine up.
Although it looked a bit plain, it actually tasted pretty good. And I only called my mom once in a panic because I couldn't figure out why they weren't cooking through... ends up all I needed was time haha. Oh well, you guys know I'm still working on this cooking thing. We used a plain bagel thin for the turkey burger bun. I wasn't in charge of the salad, but I know Ali made the dressing (I saw olive oil and spices go into it, but that's all I can give you... I was having a mini crisis with my burgers) and threw craisans, dried bananas, and lots of other goodies into the salad. It was SO good.

For dessert, I had a some of these little cookies, and stayed over a bit longer to hang out some more and watch TV. Just so you know, Man V. Food is one of the most depressing shows out there. I was in shock watching it.

On a different note, I can't wait for my siblings to get done with school too! I'm starting to get bored in the house by myself. Night, everyone!

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