Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet the dog!

As I woke up to get ready for my run this morning, I had a depressing realization--it's cold. Not just cold, but cold and rainy. Apparently, the weather failed to realize that it is summer for me now.
I'm also realizing that rain doesn't show up in pictures that well
When my friend Ali called to cancel, I was about to call off the run all together. Untilllll, Scott started texting me. After a few motivating texts including the nice "you'll feel better after you go" and the "julia ann go out right now and run :) if I have to practice in the rain then you can run," I grumpily got out of bed and got ready.

Even though all I did was a short run around the neighborhood (it's hilly though!), I'm still glad I got outside since today is going to be really busy. Thanks, Scott! And the puppy was happy too.

For breakfast, I had a small bowl of oatmeal. Very small, actually, because when I was stirring it I accidentally catapulted some on to the floor. The puppy was happy; I was not. I'm not cool enough to like plain oatmeal just yet, so I had a maple sugar oatmeal with banana slices. And it was delicious.

So here's an official introduction to Roxy: aka the world's most un-photogenic dog. While you first met her a few days ago, she deserves a little more attention. Our family got Roxy when she was two, and when I was in late elementary school. She's our first dog, and she is super adorable and sweet. She can be really annoying some times (she can be super clingy), but we all love her. She's really small for a chocolate lab and is super energetic, so most people still think she's a puppy (it probably doesn't help that I call her puppy all the time). I really wish I could show you how cute she is in person, but you'll just have to take my word on it...none of her pictures turn out.
Wet dog. and the only time she sat still enough to get a not blurry picture

Kinda cute :)
Now I'm off to go see some high school friends that just got back from college!

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