Monday, May 30, 2011

Hermosa Beach Fair and Other Excursions

For my run yesterday, I went on the fire trail with the puppy. Usually the fire trail is only a section of my run, but today I decided to go to the end of the trail and back for my workout. The trail is mainly downhill with small hills and flat areas, but coming back up is killer. According to this site, it's about a 2 mile run (I don't know if that is the there and back distance or not). It wasn't too hard of a workout, but it was a beautiful day and the views on this trail are incredible.

I had originally wanted to go for a run with my Mom, but she wasn't home when I woke up and I ended up going by myself. Right when I finished my run and got back to the car, I saw that she had called and actually hadn't gone for a workout yet. My mom, Johnny, and I ended up deciding to walk the fire trail again and take in all the views (it was a really pretty morning). Roxy was very excited to get two walks in one day, and I felt very accomplished for doing my hike run twice.

After a quick, random lunch of a bagel thin with cream cheese, a dumpling, and lots of fruit, I headed to Long Beach to meet up and spend the night with a few of my sorority sisters.

We walked around 2nd street, went shopping, and feasted on food and pizookies from BJs. Sadly, my camera was forgotten at home, but here are some pictures I found that can show you the amazingness of a pizookie. We shared the regular chocolate chip and the red velvet pizookie between all of us. It was literally gone within minutes. Too much deliciousness.
I want one againnnnn
Ours only had one scoop of ice cream. So sad.
After going back to my friend Katie's house, we decided to go to the movies and see Hangover 2. Maybe it was just the fact that it was late at night and we've had a ton of sugar, but I found the movie to be hilarious. Obviously it wasn't brilliant, but every reference to the first movie made me laugh and the story was just so ridiculous. It was very similar to the first one (in the set up of the movie, not what happened the night of the hangover), but I guess why change something that works.
I laughed a lot, and had a good time watching it and so did the rest of the audience. I love when the theatre is super into the movie. It makes the movie so much more fun when you can laugh out loud with everyone else.

When I got back home today, I met up with my friend Sophie to go to the Hermosa Beach Fair. It was such a cute little set up, and there was so many street vendors...aka prepare yourself for picture overloads.
It took us 30 minutes to actually find a parking space--half way in we did find one but this mean lady stole it from us, and then laughed. Ugh, some people are so annoying. I felt road rage being summoned up inside me and I wasn't even the one driving. Eventually we did find a place that was decently close, and we didn't even have to parallel park (which would have been a disaster). We walked over and enjoyed the fair.
One of the many cool painting exhibits

How cute are these? They're actual four leaf cloves. What a perfect present idea! cough cough

This booth was so cool. All the jewelry was made from the gears used to run watches. The rings were the coolest, but they were too small for pictures.

The vendors were really amazing, but the fun part was hunting down all the free samples. I didn't know there would be any at the fair, but there was so much good food being given away. Here's just a few:

Although this salad was delicious, they were only advertising the almonds. Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't sound like the most financially savvy decision.


At one station, Sophie and I were asked if we were 21 or over. We both sadly said no, but the guy still let us have a sample of frozen, shaved red wine. It was actually one of the best tasting samples at the fair.

And I'm obviously a little to excited to have it. I know... such a dork.

A large array of dips and soups actually led to our only purchase of the day, black bean and vegetable mix to make soup for dinner.
So many to chose from...
We ended our little excursion by walking to Hermosa beach. Even though it was beautiful, it was so windy that the sand hitting our legs was actually stinging us.

Finally, we headed back to my house to make some dinner. We used the Coyote Country Seasoning Co.'s Black Bean Vegetable Soup that we had just bought. To make it more of a meal, we added more black beans and some orzo to the soup. With some cheddar cheese on top, it was a super delicious and healthy meal (the soup without any of the additions was only 50 calories a serving).

I'm really glad Sophie and I could hang out today because she's leaving for the summer on Wednesday. I'm going to miss her!

Happy Julia: skype calling Scott tonight, the Hermosa Beach fair, relaxing and talking on the couch with my college friends, coming home to a clean room


  1. looks like you had fun! and those cookies look sooo goooood, i want me some nowww

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I love fairs, especially craft ones as well as farmer's markets!!

  3. What a great day, except for the woman taking your spot... I would have been quite pissed!
    Glad you bulked up the soup a bit, makes it so much tastier and filling of course