Saturday, May 7, 2011

Elliptical Emotions

I'm finally done with all things academic for freshmen year! Now, the only thing that stands in the way of summer is a vocabulary test on Monday for my jazz class. Well that and packing up my entire room... which is an absolute mess right now. But we can always leave that til tomorrow, right?

Instead I am doing something of much greater importance--skyping this guy!
Thank you!!
And since Scott put up with me using screenshots of him, here is a picture I like I know he likes :)

Anyway after being super busy all week, I finally got the chance to workout. I have a ton of shows on hulu that I was dying to catch up on also, so I grabbed my laptop and went down to the Mark's Hall gym. I watched the latest episode of Bones (I've seen almost every episode, and I am obsessed) while I did a pretty easy 50 minutes on the elliptical.

They are too cute for me to handle and they're not even together yet
Before I continue, I need to explain something--I am a crier. All types of movies from The Notebook to Star Trek (the dad dies in the beginning!) have the potential to make me tear up. Ends up that this made the last ten minutes of working out very difficult because the LIVE victim in bones was a little girl who had been kidnapped and abused was going to find her real loving parents. Even though I fought it, I teared up on the elliptical, which was not the cutest thing I have ever done. Lucky for me the only other person in the basement was a guy doing his laundry, so I don't think anyone saw. It was worth it because this episode was SO good. 

T minus 2 days until I am done with dorm food! 
Things I will NOT miss: watery pasta, mystery sauces, not fresh veggies, untouchable Mexican food, and basically all lunch and dinner options
Things I will miss: grilled turkey burgers, soft serve ice cream, panini maker, and not having to make my own breakfast

Since the year is coming to an end, expect a recap of my freshmen years with lots and lots of pictures!

PS I was going to make the title Sweat, Tears, and Bones but it sounded to gruesome. Oops!

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