Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm a working girl!

For the time being. From December 2010 to last summer, I worked as a receptionist at a law firm before I went to school. It was a really good job to have, and I got to wear business casual which was very fun to shop for. I was really hoping to continue working this summer, but one of the attorney's wife filled in (she's one of the nicest people ever so who could blame them for wanting her around the office more).

Luckily, the office calls me whenever they need me to sub in, or when they have a big project. So I've been  a working girl yesterday, today, and now tomorrow!

But that also meant hours and hours of scanning. So my lunch break was super precious to me. I walked from the office to the nearest Trader Joes (the entire area is literally a block or two away from the beach) to go get lunch.
I bought a Turkey Club Wrap for $4, and ate it outside in the sun. It was really good, but I'm not sure I would buy it again. I should have stuck with my usual salad or california rolls.
Photo bomb.

I still had 35 minutes of my lunch break left after I finished lunch, so I went to go move my car from where the underground parking structure to outside by my building. I got a little distracted with my camera and the self timer button, and had my own little photo shoot inside the parking garage. I wanted to put up a picture of my work outfit, but I am very very unsatisfied with the pictures. I'm blaming it on bad lighting and the fact that high waisted pants look better in person then they do in pictures.

After work, my mom and I went on about a 3 mile walk with our dog Roxy. She's a chocolate lab and is adorable and SO annoying sometimes. But I wuvvvv her. You can definitely expect to hear more about her in the future!

Now to backtrack a little bit... last night I went back to Los Angeles to go out to eat with my college friends one last time before they go home. Since some of them live in Canada, Chicago, or even just an inconvenient few hours away, I was glad I could get to say a proper goodbye.

We ended up going to Bottega Louie, which is a really cool restaurant, that I've been to once or twice before. It is a beautiful building that really has that "hip" LA vibe (I know I sound like a grandma). Even the it's really loud and kind of dark, the food, cute waiters, people watching, and famous pastries and desserts make it a place you should definitely visit.
Apparently this building used to be a jewelry store which is why it has such a unique interior
Their infamous macaroons. I've had a few before and their flavors are amazing. Everyone needs to try vanilla (duh) and earl tea. It's delicious (and pretty)!

This picture does not do it justice at all.
My two friends Tessa, Emily, and I ordered two appetizers of Portobello mushroom fries and tomato bruschetta. I've had both of them before and they are so delicious. We then shared a Burratta pizza which was also really good, but I enjoyed the appetizers the most. Finally, we ordered the most amazing dessert- the chocolate souffle. It took an extra 25 minutes for them to make it, but when we got it, it was fresh and heavenly looking. It was amazing! Even though there was three of us, we couldn't finish the souffle because it was so decadent. We all agreed that it was like a little piece of heavenly, chocolately goodness.

Since it was so dark in there, here is a picture with the flash. You know, just in case you want to get a clearer picture so you can drool over you keyboard a little more.
After dinner, I drove back to campus to say goodbye to friends who couldn't make it. I'm going to miss them!

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  1. Hello Julia! I am so glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours :)
    That's great you have a Trader Joe's right near, it's safe to say I am quite jealous! They have so many tasty go-to options there, I'm sure you will find one you really like
    And that souffle....oh my does it look great! I love to bake and one challenge I want to take on this summer is to make a successful souffle without it collapsing! We shall see how it goes