Monday, May 9, 2011

Packing, Packing, Gone

I spent the majority of Mother's day packing, and I still have so much to do before I move out. It's absolutely crazy how much stuff I actually have, and I'm not sure how I'm going to pack it all up tonight. But since I managed to fit (almost) all my clothes into two suitcases, I am feeling pretty good about my packing abilities. Having a few chocolate malt balls to reward my hard work is very helpful too.
Some were shared with my roommate and floormate too
After packing, getting dinner, and skyping, I realized that it was already 11:15 and I hadn't worked out yet. Even though it was late I knew I would feel guilty if I didn't do something because I had all day free. So I headed down to Marks Hall Gym again and did a quick 25 minutes on the elliptical. I forgot to look at what the resistance was, but it was definitely a higher level than yesterday. I'm really trying to get in the habit of working out more, and I felt really relieved once I finished.
Since I couldn't think of a clever way to transition from yesterday to today... Here's a watermelon.  NOM

Today, I went to they Lyon Center after my dance final. I didn't really have a plan so I just went on the elliptical for 20 minutes at a resistance of 9. Then I decided to attempt some weights with bicep curls (20 each arm with a weight of 8 pounds), Tricep drop (8 pounds-16, 5 pounds-20), and then brought my arms up to chin level in front of me, down, shoulder level to the side (10 times), then I did the inner and outer thigh machine thing (the really awkward one) 20 times each way (60 pounds pushing in/40 pushing out), and then the glute press for 10 times each leg with 40 pounds.
I did this three times, but ended up using 5 pound dumbbells for the second and third intervals because my original eight pound weights were taken when I went to go get them again.
After I cooled down with ten minutes of jogging/walking on the treadmill, before biking back to my dorm.

Sorry about how non technical my descriptions are. My workout was taught to me by a friend, so I just did what I remembered without knowing the names of anything. I actually had to look up what a bicep curl was called haha. I should have probably known at least that one.

And some exciting news... I have officially moved out of the dorms! I can't believe freshmen year is over, it went by so fast. Luckily I live pretty close to USC, so I'm driving back tomorrow night for dinner to say all my official goodbyes.
After I cleared out, packed, and cleaned my room

And now I'm sad cause I realized I won't live in dorm ever again. And my brother is just an odd one:)
My brother and Dad were amazing and took everything I packed to the car. I don't think my brother enjoyed it as much as I did though.

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