Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dreaming of Mud

I HATE UNPACKING. I've been hard at work, and still haven't made as much headway as I wanted. And yes, I did procrastinate an ungodly amount of time to do this.
I even put my hair in the "hard at work" bun!
I share a room with my sister, and over the few months of me being gone some of her stuff has creeped into my drawers. Secondly, I realized that my dorm closet was actually bigger than my side of my closet at home. And lastly, I have acquired more clothes than I have realized over this past year. Oi, my room is a mess now. I've decided that tomorrow I will finish cleaning, and then I am going to donate all the clothes that I have but never wear.

Now back to business. I took a break from working out today because I was surprisingly sore from yesterday. On Saturday, the day kinda got away from me, and I didn't feel like going for a run or doing anything too time consuming. Since I'm already missing my usual elliptical sessions at USC, I decided to try something new. I got out my yoga mat and laptop with a workout playlist, and went to workout outside.

I did each exercise for one minute, and went through the set 3 times.
Mountain climbers
Sit Ups
Arm Circles
High Knees
Hip lifts
Jumping Jacks
Pushups (I cheated on these, and only did a few)

I expected this workout to be really easy, but it was not. Mountain climbers are terrible, and following them with squats was not my brightest idea. I was planning on taking my dog for a walk after, but I realized if I wanted to make my friend's graduation party I had to shower and get ready quickly.

And I've decided how I'm going to keep motivated and focus my work outs! I really want to do the Irvine Lake Mud Run! I've never ran a race before, and I've always thought mud runs have looked so fun. Hopefully my running buddy Ali, will be as excited as I am so we can train together. I haven't signed up yet but I'm already getting excited. 

To be honest, I usually come up with ideas like this and never follow through. But I made this blog to stay motivated so maybe publishing it will be the push I need. We'll see!


  1. Girl, I feel ya on how painful unpacking is! I am an RA so I have my own room and it is much bigger than the one at home! At school I have two closets that are both filled with my stuff so coming home and condensing it into one closet= a major challenge haha
    Definitely do a Mud Run, they are sooo much fun! I am racing in one this Sunday :)

  2. Haha glad to know I'm not the only one! Have fun on your run!