Friday, May 27, 2011


I have had such a busy day. Which consisted mostly of shopping... I know life is hard for poor, little me.

I woke up early, and discovered with the rest of my siblings that my mom had bought Frosted Flakes. Usually, our house does not contain any sugary cereals whatsoever. We grew up on plain old Cheerios, and I even learned to love Grape Nuts as a little kid (lots of milk to make it soft and then add honey or brown sugar), so the presence of a sugar cereal is rare. Even though I have been eating very healthy and yummy breakfasts, I did not hesitate to fight my way to get a bowl of cereal (no was a jungle out there).

My brother had his big 5th grade history fair today, so I walked with my parents to go see. He was Powhatan (aka Pochohantas' dad).
It runs in the family
A little bit later, I met my Mom and Grandma at PF Changs for lunch. I ordered beef and broccoli from the lunch menu so it was a slightly smaller and came with rice and soup. I ordered brown rice and egg drop soup.

So. Much. Food. And then I went shopping with my Grandma because nothing says shopping moment of truth then trying on clothes with a full stomach.

Sadly, I was buying clothes for my sorority so I can't unveil or wear any of the outfits for awhile. Still, I got to go shopping and get lots of goodies (they are technically my birthday gift). My favorite part about shopping is bargain hunting. Seriously, if you leave me in TJMaxx for hours I will be the happiest girl in the world. So my Grandma and I spent 4 whole hours walking around Del Almo hunting for good finds. Which is nothing to laugh at because according to Wiki, Del Almo is the 14th largest mall in the US...see you learn something new everyday!
So many bags! Many with just one item inside... I know it's wasteful but
I've secretly always wanted to have a Clueless moment
The bargain shopper in me left very happy. Almost everything I got was seriously on sale. A skirt from Anthropologie was originally $99 and I bought it for $19, and everything at Gap was 40% off. Score.

I did get one thing I want to show off share with you guys. This "sharing" is an annoying habit that I'm very guilty of doing frequently. I got new sunglasses on sale! I always lose my sunglasses and I'm really picky about buying new ones, so I'm pretty excited. They're going to be super useful when my family goes to HAWAII in a few weeks! But more about that later.
Awkward photo.
Hopefully by posting this I can spare Scott all my "look at what I got!" moments that he has to suffer through. Hah, nope he's still going to experience them. 

Dinner tonight was brinner, and I made PB&J oatmeal: maple syrup oatmeal with a little bit of peanut butter and lots of strawberries.
Since I had a huge lunch and a bajillion snacks (for real, it was bad), this was all I was really in the mood for. It was delicious. I love having huge packages of strawberries in the house.

I didn't work out today, but I feel like all that shopping has to count for something. I'm excited (kinda, ish, maybe not) to go for a run tomorrow morning though before I sleep over at a friend's house.

Happy Julia: sunglasses, the most adorable youtube kitten video in the world, seeing friends at lunch

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